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The beauty of Wood Carved Statues

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

In Gröden, Italy, woodcarving is a century-old tradition originating in the 17th Century. During the long winter season, farmers produced wooden toys and utensils to generate additional income for their families. As time passed by, their wood carving skills improved and they began producing more intricate wood sculptures such as religion-themed figurines and crucifixes. which made the area well-known for its high-quality wooden products well beyond the valley borders.

Wood carving tradition is also known in some areas in Italy, especially in mountainous area of Val Gardena, where the tradition continuously grows for many centuries and becomes an integral part of European wood carving culture, offering very distinctive style and quality.

Wood has been used as a material for religious statues for thousands of years and could last well, depending on the type of the wood and how it is looked after. Wood offers better workability than resin and marble; and can take very fine detail.

Wood carved statues are typically lighter and show more natural expression than other materials. On top of that, wooden statues, especially the larger ones, are individually made and hence uniquely special.

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