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Our online shop journey started in 2020 during the early part of Covid19 pandemic. Prior to 2020, we distributed our devotional items to a few Catholic shops in Singapore. However, the bespoke shops were unable to stay open during Covid restrictions and our business came to a halt. We then decided to open an online retail sales channel in order to continue fulfilling the needs of Catholics. We were feeling pessimistic due to the slow response from customers in the beginning and had waited for 3 months before we got the first sales. We still remember that the first sold item was a metal scapular. That sales really made our day and restored our hope. We became more hopeful afterward and put up more effort to promote our products.


As the Covid situation got better, we saw an improving response and interest in our online shop from customers. We then opened our place for customers who wanted to view our products. We were grateful to have the opportunity to meet our customers and learn about their wonderful spiritual journeys. 


As the situation in Singapore improved further in 2021, the shops opened for business again and we resumed our partnership with them to supply products to wider Catholic communities. 


We are very thankful for all the support and trust that our online customers have given us especially during the pandemic. Many bought our products without seeing the products in person due to the restrictions. Many were very patient with us and shared with us valuable feedback too. All these really motivated us to keep improving our service and products.

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