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Bouquet of Love

The biggest challenge we had in the project from Mount Alvernia Hospital was the procurement of the Holy Family statue which was to be placed in the main lobby of the new mother and children centre. The new centre is named after St Anne - the mother of St Mary and the human grandmother of Jesus. To show the important role of St Anne and her husband to the family of Jesus, the project team chose a statue of the extended Holy Family which represents three generations of the family of Jesus. Starting from scratch, we proposed a few designs showing the grandparents of Jesus - St Anne and St Joachim - passionately watching and holding St Mary, St Joseph, and Jesus. The project took about six months to complete, from the design stage to clay modelling, manufacturing, delivery, and final touch-up. The challenging part is to work on the details of the facial expression and make it looks "alive". The statue is now becoming a hallmark in the main lobby and warmly welcomes all families and staffs who are entering the building. The statue reminds us about the important role of grandparents in a family and the wonderful familial love they pass down from generation to generation. Description of the extended Holy Family statue: The Infant Jesus, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:20), came to share in our humanity through the mystery of his miraculous birth of the Virgin Mary. He humbly rests his hands peacefully and seeks comfort in his mother to live his life and adversities that lie ahead. While gazing at Jesus warmly and tenderly, Mary ponders the future, its joys and suffering, with faith and trust in God’s love. Holding Jesus and Mary close together, Joseph quietly conveys a supportive and protective presence for his family. Jesus’ grandparents, Anne and Joachim, calmly watch over the family and affirm them with a comforting touch to strengthen this new little family as they follow the ways of the Lord. ============================== To pay a tribute to St Francis of Assisi as the patron saint of religious sister congregation of FMDM, the hospital places a 6-foot St Francis statue outside the new mother and children centre. St Francis is one of the most venerated figure in Christianity and among the few who received the Stigmata (the imprint of the five wounds of Jesus). St Francis led a life of radical simplicity and gospel joy, witnessing God’s love for all people and all creation by loving and reverencing each and every person he met, including lepers, sultans, popes, and the ordinary townspeople.

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