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Gloria has been  the best blend available in the market for decades and is very popular in all the Catholic world.


The blends are made from with the purest frankincense, 100% natural resins and aromatic products.

Why not synthetic incense ?
The smoke of synthetic incense contain particulate which could be more dangerous than cigarette smoke.


How to choose natural incense ?
A common way to distinguish chemical-based incense from natural incense is its color. Color of chemical-based incense is usually more bright while natural incense has softer color of earthly elements.

The aroma of natural incense is typically soft and subtle, in contrast with synthetic incense which produces extremely strong smell from chemical substance.


    • 100% pure Natural Incense and aromatical products without any chemical dyes, fragrances or other additives. Safer for you health.
    • Weight : 60 gram
    • Packaging Glass Bottle
    • Imported from Italy. Repacked in Singapore.
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