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Veil measures approximately 118cm across by 56cm front to back.



High quality lace


Made in Spain



Please bear in mind that photo may slightly different from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.


Spanish Veil Lace Mantilla

  • Throughout the centuries, the use of the mantilla by women has had many purposes.  The wearing of the Mantilla is an act of veiling a woman's physical beauty, so that the beauty of God may be glorified instead. It is also a way of emulating, Mary, our mother, who is the archetype of purity and humility.  Moreover, the mantilla, or chapel veil, signifies the role of women as a life-bearing vessel.  The chalice holding the blood of Christ is veiled until the Preparation of the Gifts, and the tabernacle is veiled between Masses. Both of these vessels hold the Eucharist – the very life of Christ. In a similar fashion, the woman was endowed by God with the special gift of bearing new human life. Because of this, women, as all things holy and sacred, are veiled.


    The medal should be blessed by a priest by a priest prior to hanging then in the room.

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