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Beads: Oval glass beads 6x8 mm;


Crucifix: Jesus' Sacrifice in the Holy Mass renews that of Golgotha;


Centerpiece: the Holy Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus, between two beautiful Angels in veneration;


Finish: Antique silver;


Style: Contemporary;


Signature: Exclusive Ghirelli Brand silver bar,"¨the Ghirelli Brand Bar shows product's authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance.


Ghirelli World

Everything comes to life within the Ghirelli world; from the initial idea to the executive phase, from the production to the finishing.
A work made of experience and attention to quality leading to the birth of unique creations, still today handmade one by one in Italy.

The unmistakable design and creativity has won over customers; customers who are synonymous with Art worldwide. Unique creations for the Vatican Museums, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, the Official Gifts of the Holy See, to name just a few, are signed by Ghirelli. Prestigious recognitions, also from famous brands. Swarovski®, asked that the beautiful Crystal Collection patented by Ghirelli be exhibited in the prestigious Swarovski Creative Center in Milan. The Swarovski Creative Center in Milan is a true exclusive Temple of Design, and displays artistic masterpieces unique in the world.

The Holy Mass Rosary

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